Rand Paul Delivers a Strong Pro-Privacy Speech to Intern Crowd!


Senator Rand Paul was recently the keynote speaker for the Fund for American Studies’ (TFAS) interns-only event held in the Heritage Foundation’s auditorium. The topic was the value of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution and Edward Snowden’s relevance through his valiant efforts to safeguard this right at the risk of his life.

Rand’s speech was short, yet focused. He reaffirmed the weight that the Fourth Amendment holds at the core of liberty and its very survival. The topic of Verizon and AT&T folding for the government eventually came up, along with the constitutionality (or lack thereof) of the secret courts used to coerce them into cooperation.

This lead to Rand mentioning that he has begun working to maintain positive conversational relationships with the social networking giants (such as Facebook and Google) in order to pressure them into becoming companies known for protecting their customers, not betraying them. If they ignore his advice, they risk losing not only their customers’ trust, but also much of their user base (at least in America).

There was a list of questions for Senator Paul from the intern audience that were collected in advance by TFAS for him to take after the speech, but none of them pertained to the Fourth Amendment, so he decided to take questions from the audience to stick with the privacy topic.

Aside from the cold pizza which was served for lunch, this was a great event!

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