Rand Paul on Choice, Light Bulbs, and Toilets

This may be the best video of Rand Paul to date. Make sure you stick through til the end when the government drone he’s talking with is literally speechless. As for the toilets in question, here’s humorist Dave Barry on the subject:

Every now and then I’ll just hit a nerve — when I wrote about disliking low-flow toilets, which were foisted on Americans by an act of Congress when Congress paid really no attention to this law that was passing. I couldn’t believe it. Apparently no one had ever really talked about that … around 1993 new toilets stopped actually flushing! And I didn’t know that! We bought a house and we had new toilets and they didn’t work very well, and I thought there was something wrong with our toilets. And the plumber came and I said “Can you fix our toilets?” and he said “No. That’s the law now.”

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