Rand Paul’s Busy Week

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul had a busy couple days fighting for freedom this past week, introducing three very important pieces of legislation to the Senate:

1. A bipartisan amendment to end the War in Afghanistan earlier than is currently planned.

2.  A resolution for Congress to officially end the War in Iraq according to its constitutional authority.

3.  An alternative debt plan recommendation with $6 trillion in deficit reduction over the next decade. 

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Iraq War


This week I introduced an amendment to the Department of Defense authorization bill to formally end the war in Iraq. On multiple occasions this year, the President committed our forces to combat while willfully ignoring Congress. I urge Congress to reclaim its constitutional authority over the decision to go to war, or to end a war – it is one of the body’s most important powers. While the President has ordered withdrawal of most of our forces by the end of the year, my amendment continues the spirit of that decision by formally ending the war. Read my entire statement HERE. You can also click HERE or below to watch the video.



Ten Years In Afghanistan and Counting


I also co-sponsored an amendment this week that would direct President Obama to accelerate the timetable for bringing our troops home from Afghanistan and end our eight-year nation-building effort in that country. We cannot continue endless nation-building efforts overseas while here at home we face expounding national debt, crumbling infrastructure, and out-of-control spending in Washington. Read my entire statement HERE.


 Super-committee Alternative Debt Plan 


Also this week, I, along with Sens. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) introduced a plan to give the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction a chance to do what bipartisan coalitions of Senators have stated they want done: “Go big” with $4 trillion in deficit reduction. During this time of economic uncertainty, we need to get our fiscal house in-order. This plan includes cuts that are spread across the wide ranging federal intrusions into our lives and wallets. My colleagues and I urge the super-committee to make a $4 trillion deficit reduction a part of any debt deal. You can read my entire statement and see the plan by clicking HERE.


Standing Up For Kentucky At Energy Hearing


Regulators from the Department of the Interior testified on Capitol Hill this week and I had the opportunity to bring up a topic of great concern to many Kentuckians: environmental protection rules. What the Office of Surface Mining and the EPA are doing is dangerous and I expressed the frustrations of many Kentucky residents and businesses that deal with these overzealous regulatory agencies. I remain committed to defending the rights of all Americans against the abuses of these agencies.



Media Wrap-Up


This week I appeared on Fox’s Your World with Neil Cavuto and also spoke with several Kentucky radio stations throughout the week including: WHAS with Mandy Connell, WKYX with Greg Dunker, WRIL with Brian O’Brien, WNKJ with John Young, WCCK with Cindy Riley, and WKDZ-WHVO with Alan Watts.



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Warm Regards,

Rand Paul

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