Re: Capitalism Without Guilt

Mikayla, I think libertarians justifiably have many disagreements with Ayn Rand. (her famous denunciation of us as “ippes of de racht”) was particularly short-sighted) However, her principled argument that — despite the common cry of American humanities professors — socialism wasn’t “too good for people” but rather, people were “too good for socialism” is the sort of argument we have to take to to our fellow young people.

Let’s unapologetically reject the notion of universal health care’s humanitarianism. After all, can it really be said that Barack Obama’s spending of other people’s money is”compassionate”? Money acquired, no less, on the threat of violence?

Authentic generosity has nothing to do with the IRS. It involves individuals voluntarily sacrificing some of their wealth to help other individuals. This is the sort of behavior we need to encourage, rather than promoting more government programs.  In addition to the immorality  of initiatory violence and the economic consequences of massive state interventions, state programs like “health care reform” discourage personal altruism. After all, if somebody’s already being paid  to help the government fulfill its “duty” to “care” for us from cradle to grave, why should he personally help?

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