Re: Cloture Vote on Obamacare

I’m up late watching CNN’s surprisingly critical coverage of the party-line passage of the cloture bill on debate regarding the “health reform,” bill in the Senate. I think their ire may be coming for all the wrong reasons, (establishmentarian David Gergen is whining about how the lack of ‘bipartisanship’ in the “historic” bill defiles the nation state he worships) though I appreciate it nonetheless. 

But what irritated me most tonight was watching  pro-war Democreep Senators lecture those opposed to the bill about “human rights,” and doing things “on principle,” regardless of undesirable consequences.  Harry Reid claimed that his conscience is too strong to “look away,” when people die from their lack of health care, but he certainly managed to do so when he voted for Bush’s war of aggression on Iraq and the resultant mass murder of innocents. You make me sick, Harry — and your awful “health reform” hasn’t even been implemented yet!

By the way, isn’t it sleazy how the Dems are trying to ram through this incredibly expensive bill through over the Holiday Season, with the final version perhaps coming on Christmas Eve? This is politics as usual, not change.

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