Re: The State is Not Above the Moral Law

As YAL’s Matt Cockerill wrote:

[W]e all can all agree to call government aggression and criminality just that, as Walter Block reminds us in the latest LRC podcast.

Some may say we will come across as radicals for doing so, and I concede that this is what the mainstream will likely perceive. But, we must remember, the preponderance of the evidence is not on us for calling the state criminal, but rather on the state itself, to justify its ability to routinely violate the moral law.

This is a question libertarians continually have to answer. Aren’t we extremists? Can’t we just accept certain government programs? Wouldn’t that be the moderate thing to do?

But moderation does not always consist in taking the middle road. Consider this scenario. A and B are considering murdering C. A wants to kill him and B wants to leave him alone. Is the moderate thing to compromise and just maim him? If B insists on leaving C entirely alone should we denounce him as an extremist too?

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