Reaching the Left for Liberty

The crowd was paying rapt attention.

It was a group of 30-something liberals, most of whom raised a hand when I asked them if they had registered to vote.

“We have a Republican primary coming up in a few months. If you don’t get out the vote, we will likely end up with Romney vs. Obama.”

None of them liked that idea, finding themselves disatisfied with both options.

Liberals are likely to vote in favor of bringing home all the troops and ending the flow of government money to big corporations, but many haven’t heard of any liberty candidates who support those positions.

Indeed, the liberals/progressives/Democrats you meet may have blinders when it comes to anyone associated with the Republican party, viewing them all as reincarnations of George W. Bush. With patience, you can point out how Obama’s actions have been nearly identical to Bush’s, and how the honest for-the-people liberty candidates would offer a wonderful change.

It’s up to YOU to help your leftwing friends, family, and classmates see the truth. Present your viewpoint with patience and respect, and you may be surprised by the results.

As a YAL reader, you are probably well-equipped with the facts. So here are a couple tools to help you share your wisdom: proactive reactions and unconditional love. You will need them.

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Andrew Meyer is a history savant, political guru, sports and business prognosticator, cultural tastemaker, Kabbalah mentor and law student, internationally known for questioning U.S. Presidential candidate John Kerry and the phrase “Don’t Tase Me Bro!”

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