Her 4th day on the job in Iraq Jamie Leigh Jones was drugged, assaulted, and gang raped by seven U.S. contractor. When she awoke with massive physical and emotional damage, instead of finding a company who would help her in her quest for justice, she was forced by armed guards into a storage container and denied food, water, and medical service. Fortunately one of the guards’ humanity was not completely gone and he allowed her to call her father who, after contacting Rep. Ted Poe, had the U.S. Embassy rescue her from her confinement.

Once she attempted to sue Halliburton/KBR, her employer, for what happened  she hit a road block. A clause in her employment contract that stated that all misconduct that involved sexual assault/harassment must be dealt with through arbitration instead of through the courts. Sadly, she is not the only victim of this. The companies are claiming that this all must be kept secret and no jury can be used, because this event happened in Iraq while they were working for Halliburton, which constitutes the “work place” language used in the contract. Yesterday the Senate, upon hearing her testimony, passed a bill “…that would prohibit ‘the Defense Department from contracting with companies that require employees to resolve sexual assault allegations and other claims through arbitration’.”

In her testimony Jones stated, “I had no idea that the clause was part of the contract, what the clause actually meant, or that I would eventually end up in this horrible situation.” Everyone knows that the war profiteers do not care about human life, nor for their own employees or the troops safety. Sadly now it has taken action by the legislature and 4 years for her to even begin to try to get some type of justice. So while the actions of Halliburton/KBR are unspeakably evil, no one put a gun to her head and forced her to sign that contract. So as a reminder for anyone who is planning on joining the Military, signing on with a company, taking out a loan or for whatever reason is being asked to sign a contract, READ THE THING BEFORE YOU SIGN IT!!!!!! If you don’t understand it, then don’t sign it, otherwise when something unexpected happens do not be surprised when you’re in court and a company has a legal foot to deny you your rights.

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