Reading between the lines in Scott Brown’s MA Win.

I don’t expect “MA <3’s GOP” t-shirts are going to be flying off the Boston shelves anytime soon. But the GOP should be excited about their electoral prospects for 2010, given the improbable victory of Republican Scott Brown who will be taking over Ted Kennedy’s senate seat.  (This is not an endorsement of Brown or any candidate from YAL or me, just to be clear.)

Still, I don’t think this election is a reflection of some lame pro-Republican sentiment, but rather a taste of the budding energy behind a glorious, anti-incumbent movement.  The people are becoming cynical about every awful thing our “public servants” are doing to humanity, including a rapidly growing police state,  the sickening “health reform” bill, and Obama’s massive military expansionism.

The key is for groups like YAL to remind the populace that real change requires revolution, and that electing country club Republicans to replace country club Democrats is nothing more than rearranging deckchairs on the freakin’ Titanic.

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