Real Change Report: Idaho State University

Report from Sheldon at Idaho State:

“I set up a table with a few posters, handouts, news articles, stickers, pocket constitutions (people loved those, thanks again for them) and got a handful of people to join our group.

Nobody seemed to care that Obama is bringing us the same policies, but they didn’t like to be reminded of it, either. I got a lot of looks, not dirty looks, but hopeless looks. It really is upsetting to see people who have been convinced that they have no power, no control over what happens in their lives. For a few, their sense of power has been warped into a projection of invincibility, walking around like they are too cool to worry about anything outside of their immediate needs (though those are often neglected as well). Events like this really remind me how many people really function on these levels, and it’s always shocking.

…I was surprised that nobody really argued with me – at least not for more than about 12 seconds. I printed off most of the wiki page to hand out to people, which really forces people to shut up pretty fast if they want to talk about actual policies. It then immediately boil down to “Well, he might not be changing things, but at least it’s better than what we had” or, “Well, if he can’t change things, then who’s going to?” People are becoming increasingly hopeless, and that was why Obama won – he used the message of hope. We need to be very careful of not extinguishing that flame, and instead re-direct it.”

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