Real Change Report: Rutgers University

Editor’s note: This is well worth the full read. Rutgers put forth an A+ effort.

We were supposed to have our event here at Rutgers in front of the steps of the Brower Commons dining hall, a high traffic area during the day. Because of the cold weather and snow, we decided to change the location to across the street inside the Rutgers Student Center in the downstairs food court. We set up a couple tables and started to hang up posters on the wall behind us. One janitor even tried to snatch some of the fliers and throw them away, but I asked him to put it down. A photographer from the Home News Tribune, who was taking snapshots of us fliering and debating, had a surprised look on her face and tried to not laugh at this.

Within that half hour, we got some people to sign up in return for a free pocket constitution. A student who obviously supported Obama tried to argue with us how free market economies don’t function correctly for various reasons. We got to discussing the gold standard, which he opposed, and supported government intervention in currency. “Gold has no intrinsic value” he claimed, to which I replied, “but paper money that the Fed prints DOES have intrinsic value?!”. He went back to his big government claims on how the gov. should regulate money so that everyone can afford health care and other topics like that.

Until this point, everything was going fine. Then, an official from the Student Center came downstairs and, in a very rude way, told us that we were not allowed to be there and to take down the fliers immediately. I did have permission to host the event from the Student Involvement office, but according to her, I was supposed to fill out a separate form to petition in the Student Center. I doubt that to be the case, especially since I did have the Student Center registered as the rain site. I have a strong feeling that if we were pro-Obama she would’ve let us stay.

We moved back outside in the cold where we were guaranteed permission, and spent the next couple hours handing out fliers, registering interested people, and debating with a couple liberals who actually try to have an intelligent argument with you about their beliefs instead of just throwing you a dirty look over their shoulder. One of the best things is to see people happy take the flier that had the headline “BARACK OBAMA…”, and then see them stop after a couple feet later and look perplexed.

We were interviewed by both the Star Ledger, which did not report on us in the paper, and the Home News Tribune, which featured a decent sized article about us and why we disagree with Obama.

We went and printed a few more hundred fliers as it was getting dark, and passed them all out to different passerbys. We walked all around campus and one of the dining halls. We also slipped a flier beneath the doors of all the Political Science department doors. We also targeted our massive fliering efforst at a residence hall.

At the end of the day, we felt accomplished. We informed people as to why they must be weary of Obama and alerted them to our organization. Once Obama screws up badly, they will know who warned them first.

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