Real Change Report: Southeastern Louisiana University

Shawn at the Southeastern Louisiana University writes in:

“…I had to duck and dodge as I was taping fliers to every door I could get to. I really got our Student Union good, at least one flier on each door… I printed a lot of the miniature fliers and put each of them with a pocket constitution. I left those on common resting places for students hoping that they would check them out. By 11:00 almost all fliers were ripped off all the doors, just leaving the scotch tape, almost seemed like they were removed in an angry rage. All the miniature fliers were gone along with the pocket constitutions. I also was able to do a little chalking, but could not do much because of people and cars passing by. I did notice a few people reading the fliers before they entered their respective buildings, which made it all worth it in my opinion. Some people even stopped me and asked if I had seen the chalk message. Some people tried to scrape the chalk up but it just faintly smeared it, still readable even now!”

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