Real Change Report: University of Washington

Mikayla from the University of Washington writes in:

It was unusually cold and Seattle is not exactly the most open-minded place to anything that might even remotely downplay the messiah. But here are eight glorious things that we did accomplish:

1. We went through over 100 pocket constitutions in under 20 minutes. People came up later and were upset that we ran out. (Note: More on Thomas Paine’s birthday next Thursday the 29th! Stop by!) One lady asked for multiple.

2. Due to the fact that we still haven’t received our YAL box, my dad’s company let us continue to use their printers and paper for free. We started off with more than 850 flyers and tonight we have a very tiny stack left. And, surprisingly, few people crumpled them up (at least not while still in Red Square). For UW, that’s saying something.

3. By being at the “rally for real change” (aka socialists and communists complaining that Obama isn’t liberal enough), we ended up getting some attention from the reporters that were there for that. They and a nearly crying-from-happiness woman thought we were pro-Obama, but we gave them club info so ha. We ended up interviewed by KIRO radio and our picture will be in the Seattle PI tomorrow.

4. We signed up a few people and others promised to check out the website. People started coming up to us on their own for info once Nick started talking (or yelling haha) about Ron Paul.

5. We met a man named Glen who just needed directions to a building. Then he wanted to know what our posters were about as he didn’t know who Ron Paul was. What started off as a simple conversation ended up in him visiting us three times throughout the day and him handing us his cellphone to inform his family about the issues as well. He wants to see a bunch of youtube videos so I’m pullin’ out the favorites. Any recommendations? πŸ™‚

6. We easily avoided any fights. One guy yelled about the supposed wonders of FDR, but other than that nothing but some evil glares. A lot of people bashfully saluted us or gave us the thumbs up.

7. We pissed off UW Young Democrats.

8. We had fun. πŸ™‚

It wasn’t big and it wasn’t flashy. But it was very effective. We just need to keep the momentum going.

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