Real Change Report: UT – Austin

Norm at UT-Austin reports:

“At UT-Austin, we had a lot of success handing out our materials when we combined them with free pocket-Constitutions. That worked REALLY well. We gave away ALL we had and many more that we have had with the Libertarian Longhorns group. About 1/4 of the giveaways resulted in new emails, but everyone who got one received a YAL flyer plus a homemade insert about our Facebook groups and next meeting.

We didn’t receive any harassment but also didn’t get any significant media attention. However, ABCNewsOnCampus came out to talk to us about Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. We had a nice interview with them. The Daily Texan (student newspaper) came out and took some pictures as well. We will have videos for you forthcoming.”

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