Real Change Report: UTSA

The University of Texas at San Antonio held their Real Change Requires R3volution event right outside the viewing area of Obama’s inauguration speech. The local newspaper covered the event and reported:

Not everyone was thrilled by Obama’s ascendancy.

Outside of the roomful of fans at UTSA, a small group warned that the new administration might not be all that.

Handing out literature and talking up their cause under the bright winter sun, the Young Americans for Liberty had gathered five signatures by the time Obama completed his speech.

YAL president Andrew Dossman said, “We’re trying to tell people it’s not going to be much different than how Bush was.” Dossman launched into a list: more spending, more loss of civil liberties, more budget deficits.

Member Mike Sanch added, “The same people that created this mess have been appointed by Barack Obama to his economic team,” and started critiquing the incoming cabinet in detail.

YAL Chapter President, Andrew Dossman, said they were also interviewed by the local tv station and would pass along the video as soon as it airs. Great work YAL UTSA!

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