Rebel of the Week: James U. Blanchard III

 Silver Circle is going back in time a bit, however we find this story more relevant than most that are in the news this week. James Blanchard passed away in 1999, but has forever left a legacy in the precious metal world — as well as with his close friends and colleagues.

After a car accident at 17 leaving him wheelchair bound for the rest of his life, Blanchard discovered he had all the time in the world to read. Ayn Rand soon became the guide to his philosophical transformation.

He has been crowned with Rebel of the Week this week for his boldness and loyalty everyon’es right to purchase and own gold. During Nixon’s second inauguration, he had a plane tow a sign above with “Legalize Gold” written across it. Absolutely genius!

Another tactic Blanchard used was taunting federal officials to arrest him while he carried a then-illegal two ounce gold bar with him in his wheelchair.  He even did so at a press conference where the US Treasury could have prosecuted him, but that never happened.  To say the least, he proved a point.

After Ford relegalized gold, Blanchard began holding gold investment conferences in New Orleans whose popularity grew exponentially with investors across the country.  Here is Ron Paul at the conference in 2009 reading an excerpt from Blanchard’s first ever gold newsletter from the 1970s.

Blanchard’s activism certainly raises the bar for modern rebels.  Be creative with your approach to fighting for what is right and wage an intelligent war against the state — it can increase your odds.  James U. Blanchard is someone we can all learn from.

To hear some more funny and clever tales about Blanchard’s activism, check out these stories from a close friend of his.

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