Rebel of the Week: The Judge

Despite its slogan, Fox News isn’t always a trustworthy source of news.  But this week, in the midst of the Wikileaks story, you may change your mind about that — or at least about part of it, thanks to Fox host Judge Andrew Napolitano.  Many in the media and other public figures are claiming that  Private Bradley Manning and Wikileaks will carry blood on their hands for their role in the circulation of such damaging information about our government and military.  Bill Clinton spoke last night in North Carolina and said he’d be, “very surprised if some people don’t lose their lives. And goodness knows how many will lose their careers.”

Among the many articles, interviews, and spin stories revolving around Wikileaks’ war document disclosure, a voice stood out in the nightly news.  Fox News Freedom Watch host Napolitano claims it was the reputation of the government, not the military, which was put in harm’s way after the Wikileaks revelations.  Napolitano was one of the few voices speaking out in support of Wikileaks’ action in mainstream media and for that is named Silver Circle’s Rebel of the Week Award. He is a former New Jersey Supreme Court judge turned political and legal analyst for the Fox News Channel.  He has been outspoken on many civil liberty issues such as the recent TSA security measures, the PATRIOT Act, as well as foreign policy.

Monday night, Judge Napolitano covered the Wikileaks story in a different light than most of the media.   He called out the government’s imperialism around the world.  With Julian Assange at the center for scrutiny, Judge Napolitano used his legal expertise to show that Assange and others involved with Wikileaks did not illegally obtain the information.  The document was given to Wikileaks, and according to the Judge, Wikileaks is, free to publish it, to discuss it, to analyze it without any criminal activity at all.” Much of what was released within the documents concerned military strategies, classified information on leaders in other countries, as well as financially relevant details that the American people would probably be sick from after reading.

 The U.S. military has been exerting force across hundreds of nations and now some of the facts about their tactics are being exposed. Our Rebel of the Week is showing that it’s not Wikileaks we should be blaming; we should be looking at the government and the war crimes they have committed over the past decades.  The government will protect its reputation at all costs, however, which is why it is attempting to shame Wikileaks into silence.

Our Rebel of the Week confidently stands up for the whistleblowers at a time when no one seems to be on their side.   He holds strong legal reasons to back up Wikileaks and is not doing it out of mere love for the underdog.  We have many reasons to honor Judge Andrew Napolitano for the work he has done in protecting our civil liberties as Americans, but this week we’d like to thank him for being a champion of the painful truth, the way a real Rebel would.

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