“Rebuilding” the Republican Party

The Hill reports that on January Sixth, privileged members of the Republican National Committee will gather to determine whether certain candidates for the Chairman position are “conservative” enough. Many likely candidates have taken flack for being too “moderate.”

“It’s important that the chairman wants to unite all strands of conservatism, because that’s where we went wrong. We went wrong by not being faithful to our conservative principles.” –Jim Bopp Indiana Republican National Committeeman

Interesting to note—of the 168 voting members of the RNC, President Bush has a near perfect approval rating. So I am not counting on too much of any change within the Republican Party this time around. But hope isn’t all lost.

Take this time to get involved in your local county’s Republican Executive Committee. The whole point of the Campaign for Liberty and like groups is to change the face of the GOP from the bottom up. Act locally to change nationally. Get involved and get to work!

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