Recapping the Northeast Regional Conference in Valley Forge, PA

Dr. Paul

Young Americans for Liberty arrived Thursday night in time to hear Phil Giraldi, former CIA officer talk on non-intervention foreign policy. Mike Doherty, an assemblyman from New Jersey talked about his fight for principled government on the Appropriations Committee. After Mike Doherty, Dr. Ron Paul was introduced by one of his sons, Ronnie Paul. Dr. Paul revisited the core libertarian ideals behind the movement and motivated the crowd to continue in the fight. The weekend was followed by book signings and speeches on part by Judge Napolitano and Tom Woods. Judge Napolitano also held a private meeting for the younger crowd, providing an opportunity for questions. Sunday was followed by shorter speeches from Peter Schiff and Daniel Hannan.

Also check out the movie For Liberty which documents the grassroots effort for Ron Paul. The movie premiered this past Friday at the Conference. Share the experience with your friends and show them what a real campaign looks like.

Over the course of the Conference, Young Americans for Liberty distributed over 1,000 copies of all three editions of the Young American Revolution.


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