Recognition and Recruitment at Franklin and Marshall College

Last week, as the President and Founder of the YAL chapter at Franklin & Marshall college, I attended a meeting with the club council regarding YAL’s status on campus. At the meeting, we discussed potential events to host as well as recruitment. I expressed interest in hosting several events regarding free speech, such as the free speech beach ball, as well as hosting various speakers or debates. I emphasized that the events would serve two purposes: 1. They would demonstrate our involvement in the community and illustrate what YAL stands for and 2. They would help us advertise the club and serve as a great forum to recruit new members.

We here at Franklin and Marshall have been hard at work trying to fulfill the requirements to become a recognized club on campus. The first step we took to be recognized on campus was to find an advisor for the club, which we were able to do after a 3-week search! After we found an advisor we began to recruit solely through word of mouth; on my campus, you cannot hold recruitment drives of any sort until the club council recognizes your club. Unfortunately, this limited our recruiting ability but we were still able to accrue about 10 members simply through word of mouth. Once people heard about YAL and what we do they were eager to join and pass the word onto their friends! 

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