Record Breaking Recruitment Drive at NMSU!

This semester, the YAL chapter at NMSU had its most successful recruitment drive by far! With over 170 signups and standing room only attendance at our first two events, we set the stage for a great semester!

We started the semester with an introductory meeting to inform students about YAL and libertarianism in general. In order to promote this event, we executed a dorm storm and put up nearly 400 flyers in on campus housing complexes. We also tabled for two days prior to the meeting to get the word out to students on campus!

Tabling 1

At our tabling events, we had students take our “World’s Smallest Political Quiz”  to see where they fit on the political spectrum (spoiler alert: there were a lot of libertarians!) This helped us start a conversation about libertarianism with many of the students who approached our table.

Political Quiz

As you can imagine, Las Cruces is pretty hot in August. To combat the heat, and get students to take our flyers, we gave away free  cold water bottles with our flyer as the label!

YAL Water Bottles

We received 75 signups in these first two days of tabling alone. Our hard work paid off! At our first meeting that week, we had 40 students in attendance, ten more than our record-breaking attendance in 2014!

First Meeting

These students were excited to learn about YAL and were eager to get involved with the chapter. We decided to take advantage of the momentum and tabled the following week as well at NMSU’s activities fair. We received an additional 100 signups at this event and found students who were interested in gun rights and student debt specifically. 

 Activities Fair

Because of the success of our recruitment drive, we are looking forward to an exciting semester full of jam-packed meetings and tons of activism events! Stay tuned for more success stories coming from the YAL chapter at NMSU!

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