Record-Breaking Recruitment Drive for YAL at The University of Texas at Austin

Much of last semester for YAL at The University of Texas at Austin was spent as a modest club of around 15 members who was trying to feel out it’s way through a semester to test small-scale activism ideas in preparation for a huge Fall semester. Even after losing a very dedicated officer to The University of Georgia, YAL UT Austin hit the ground running this semester with some absolutely amazing recruitment numbers!

First, the officers went to work employing tons of the Facebook Graph Search method to contact nearly TWO HUNDRED students at The University of Texas at Austin, many of which responded with either their email address, joined the official member group, came to an info session, came to the first meeting, or a combination of all!

Facebook Graph Search

Next, we kicked some serious liberty butt at the Student Organization Fair on the Tuesday before school started by getting the contact info of nearly 100 students by heckling the freshman to take our YAL quizlet, being friendly, and utilizing the Nolan Chart to lure the unsuspecting students into realizing how libertarian they were. We had tons of students find out what libertarianism is and if they were libertarian! There were even freshman that sought us out! It was awesome and we had tons of fun doing it.

SFC Org Fair

But, we weren’t done yet! The following week, we tabled at Party on the Plaza, another student organization fair at The University of Texas, that takes place in another high-traffic area of campus! During this day, we had between 60 and 70 people stop by our table to find out more about liberty and stick a sticker on the Nolan Chart! It was an awesome day full of education and recruitment. We gave out plenty of free stuff and found lots of new members.

Party on the Plaza

And, to top everything off, our first info session had 30 students, our second had 15 students, and our first general meeting had 40 students! Moreover, we’ve gained around 35 likes on our Facebook page since the semester started and 50 new members in our Facebook group, which is the best indicator of membership in our club!

It has been such an amazing ride these first couple of weeks as we slide into activism for Constitution Week! Even the Texas heat can’t stop us!

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