Recording Police Encounters? There’s an app for that.

Are you an Android user that wants to make sure you have a record of any police encounter you may have?  Well, you’re in luck.

A new app called OpenWatch allows users to record audio and video of police interactions and then upload them anonymously to the web.


Rich Jones, the creator of the project, is passionate about what he calls “participatory countersurveillance,” and hopes that his project will grow to other mobile platforms and languages.

Writes Rich:

The goal of the project is to make sure that our users are protected against abuse and lies by police, the TSA and other authority figures by capturing the events as they happen and then sharing them so that the whole world can see. 

Whenever you interact with the police, press the record button on your phone to secretly record the conversation and protect your constitutional rights! The uploading is anonymous, and before the uploading is posted to the website your identity is completely removed.

All of the software on the phone and the website is completely Free and Open Source, which means that you can look at the code of the application, change it however you want, and give it away for free! 

The project only launched just over two weeks ago, but we’ve got nearly 50,000 downloads and we’ve posted five interactions with the police, including 4 arrests!

There’s still plenty of work to be done. We need more people to record their interactions with the police and to let other people know that they can protect themselves with this tool!

We also need an iPhone version, so if you’re an iPhone application developer and you want to help the project, please get in touch!

More information about the project and how to get in touch with us can be found here.

Keep watching the watchers!

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