Recruiting 10/9/17

On October 9th, 2017 we held an event to recruit new members to Young Americans for Liberty, handing out pocket constitutions to students on campus even after we were told not to repeatedly by the campus, talking to student about liberty, and adding people to the emailing list so that they can attend meetings. At one point in the day we figured out that Bellevue College had a free speech zone that they wanted clubs and programs to use we immediately proceeded to hand out pocket constitutions around campus regardless of the rule. Previously BC was brought to court after placing similar (if not the same) policies into effect on campus to not offend students with other opinions. Moving forward we plan to fight BC on its “free speech policy” and work at having the ability for all students to exercise their first amendment rights wherever they wish on campus. We plan on holding more events like this one in the future to raise awareness about the direct threat to students’ rights that BC is imposing with its heinous policies. Additionally, we will hold more recruitment events to increase the presence of liberty and libertarians on campus via political activism and recruitment so that YAL will be recognized as a stronger presence.

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