Recruiting at GSU!

The past week has been an incredible leap for our small YAL chapter here at Georgia Southern University! Go Eagles! With only two meetings under our belts we have already successfully represented ourselves at several local events during which we received great support and recognition. We have also made excellent strides early on in our recruitment initiative.

The guys with the banner

It has been extremely encouraging for us as a group to see the outpouring support and enthusiasm from so many students sharing similar sentiments regarding the role of government and Constitutional values. In fact, we have all been very impressed and almost over-whelmed with the amount of support we received from our fellow Eagles.

Sig master Gil

Gil getting sigs

Overall, we definitely have felt that the message of Liberty and free-market values have been well received and we look forward to the challenge of getting ourselves off the ground. Hopefully, we can expect a heavy increase in membership in the near future. We are very confident in our initial efforts and suspect more success as we continue to grow. For the time being, we are still a relatively small chapter, but a very enthusiastic and dedicated group of young, liberty-loving Americans.

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