Recruiting at Liberty-Starved Vassar College

Vassar’s YAL Chapter executed its fall recruitment drive on September 3rd at the annual activities fair. Situated next to the Vassar College Democrats, President Allegra Kaufman, Treasurer Christopher Kremer, Leadership Institute Northeast Regional Coordinator Samuel Mariscal and I talked with students about the ideas of liberty and the importance of presenting alternative viewpoints. For those that may not know, Vassar is extremely left-wing and is a hotbed of Social Justice Warriors and political correctness, where many students believe in punishing offensive speech and don’t respect or consider ideas that go against their narrative.

To counter this stifling atmosphere, we tailored our message to our audience, talking about the failure of the drug war, the military-industrial complex, police brutality, and the failure of the TSA to keep passengers safe. We did not mention gun rights, right-to-work, or the minimum wage, as these things might turn away potential sign-ups.

We also raised interest by talking about all the opportunities that come with joining YAL. This includes YALCON, meeting Ron Paul, working with partner organizations like FIRE, career and internship opportunities, and leadership opportunities. We had candy and pocket Constitutions from both YAL and FIRE, which we gave out to students. They were a big hit. Several students told us that they already had pocket Constitutions, something I was very glad to hear.

We managed to garner 29 signups, which is not bad for a college of 2,400 students. This is especially true since most of them are left-leaning. A recent survey done by our political science department illustrated that only 3% of our student body are registered as Republicans. There is no data on how many registered Libertarians are on campus. 

Our first meeting has been planned and announced, and we’re expecting a turnout of at least 20 people. We are looking forward to a year of spreading the message of liberty and fighting to get Vassar to adopt the Chicago Principles, as well as fighting to make sure alternative viewpoints have are heard at Vassar.

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