Recruiting at the University of Alabama in Huntsville

The University of Alabama in Huntsville saw our best recruitment drive so far. In our second active semester we have added several new members and gained a little recognition on campus. Bringing a record turn out to our first meeting, we had a great time eating pizza, talking politics, and discussing the ideas of liberty. This has been a really receptive semester on our campus for the ideas of liberty. With no liberty candidate around many people were intrigued by our message.

We began by setting up our table on a few main pathways through campus. We handed out handouts, scored quizzes, and talked to people about YAL. Many were interested and sent friends texts to come over as well. It was a great exercise and seemed to make an impact on several people. Many were interested in what we had to say about a variety of issues discussed on the quiz. All in all it was a great drive and resulted in a big boom for our chapter.

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