Recruiting at the University of Montana

Taking the fight straight to them!

This last week was our first Recruitment Drive at the University of Montana, followed up by our student activity fair! The first two days of school we stood outside and engaged students in dialogue both about our mission and about insane school policies like free speech zones. We had dozens of students interested in making a difference!

No one can resist the allure of freedom!

On Thursday we passed out YAL literature. Then, on Friday, we set up a table and had people take our political quiz. The best part was that every student who took the quiz was interested in our mission and what our plans were for Constitution Week, with several more signing on after hearing about our plans for the Free Speech wall!  (For those of you who don’t know, the University of Montana is considered one of the worst schools for free speech, according to FIRE). 

Man it was hot outside!

All in all, we had a successful first week of school, and I know that we can’t wait to plan even more activism events!

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