Recruiting at UCCS

UCCS YAL Tabling at Club Fair 2013

The University of Colorado-Colorado Springs Chapter for Young Americans for Liberty engaged in the club fair, which provides an opportunity for our chapter to been seen by students across campus of all different disciplines. During this event we gave away all our current stock of Why Liberty? and, in turn, received 40 new student signed ups. After this event, a little over a dozen new students came to the club orientation and introduction meeting. During this meeting, Will Smith, our recruiting director, gave a presentation on YAL and our objectives for the upcoming semester. Free pizza arrived for all students to snack on and enjoy in addition to several different books and fliers that explain the key concepts of liberty for the new timers to get started on their personal liberty journey.

The overall event was a huge success and we look forward to our new members joining us for meetings and events in the future!

UCCS YAL Tabling

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