Recruiting at UCCS

After receiving our Free Markets 101 Jenganomics kit, The Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs tabled on Thursday March 7, 2013 with it. Students enjoyed pulling the blocks out of the Jenga kit reflecting the instability of economic wealth redistribution.


In addition to our Jenganomics kit, we had our Crony Capitalism Is Phony Capitalism kit on our table and encouraged students to sign our postcards to stop big business subsidies. We eagerly described to interested students what our club was about and how they could get involved. While no one wanted to join our email list, they did take a lot of free material and one student attended our meeting at 5 p.m. on Thursday.

Our Thursday meeting consisted of a discussion on jury and state nullification, which led to discussions on county nullification as well — specifically, regarding our city council and county sheriff nullifying the NDAA, gun legislations and other bills. The several individuals who showed up really enjoyed the discussion and look forward to showing up for more. We plan to table every week and distribute all of the materials we have piled up.

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