Recruiting at University of South Alabama

The University of South Alabama was extremely pumped to start our Spring recruitment. Last Wednesday, our chapter “set up camp” in front of the main entrance to our new student center on campus. We captured the attention of dozens of students by asking them to participate in “The Shortest Political Quiz,” and let them chart their results.

Young Americans Recruiting

Many students were surprised to discover that they stood for liberty. We explained to them that they are not alone. More and more of our generation are starting to see the importance of the message of liberty within our society. That’s what YAL is all about!

Students checking out our table

In addition, we registered numerous new voters, and handed out several copies of the U.S. Constitution. Many people were eager to find out more, and it was fun to witness their passion ignite.

The YAL chapter of South Alabama has started to grow an outstanding team, and is ready to take flight for liberty! 

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