Recruiting in 30 Degree Weather at Missouri University of Science and Technology

On March 15th, Missouri State Chair Mackenzie Vieth and I took on one of the greatest enemies of activism: cold weather. After joining YAL a month ago, I wanted to try and grow the chapter from the core group of ten people that we had when I joined. Mackenzie was more than eager to come to S&T to help me out, so she came with her genius people-meeting tactics and we got started. 

After a run in with an avowed communist, some ROTC students signed up, one of which was a member of a YAL chapter in high school. After that, we went out in an attempt to brave the cold weather. Mackenzie was able to recruit a group of 5-6 people, one of the students being very passionate about freedom of the press. I maintained relatively unsuccessful, but was able to grab a pair of older students by discussing surveillance issues and free market economics. After grabbing some people I know, it became clear that the best way we were going to get people is in the 10 minute period between classes. 

We grabbed a drink, then went back at it. We went to some different locations around campus, grabbing a few people here and there, then headed back towards the student center. We were nearing the time where Mackenzie needed to head back home, but we recruited some students smoking on our “smoke-free” campus, asking them “Why should a public school restrict what you can and can’t put into your own body?”  After that, we grabbed another new YAL member, and got a few more students before finishing up.

Somehow, in 30 degree weather, before a school holiday (St. Pats is big at S&T) we were able to get 30 new signups at a relatively small school.  Moral of the story: “There are no excuses for not recruiting people”.  The three of us afterward went to a sports bar, discussed modern political discourse, ideological differences, and the ways to bring people to liberty. 

It was an incredible day for me, I had a great experience recruiting with Mackenzie, and I’m sure that over my time in college we can Make Liberty Win!

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