Recruiting Liberty Lovers at UC

Today I recruited potential new members of the liberty movement for YAL at our campus activities fair here at the University of the Cumberlands. We are a growing chapter and this event was a great way to not only recruit new members but build a presence on campus. We gave away dum-dum lollipops reminding students that “statists are suckers”. We were able to get 23 signups and invite students to the tailgate we are hosting at the upcoming football game. I was able to discuss liberty with a wide variety of students on the political spectrum, and the feedback was overwhelmingly interested, which is a great sign on our small campus. 

Tomorrow we will follow up by calling the sign-ups and make sure they attend our tailgate event. This week marks the beginning of the rise of our awesome chapter here at UC, as we give Liberty lovers here a way to Make Liberty Win.

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