Recruiting on Constitution Day!

On Friday, September 16th, Northeastern State University’s YAL chapter held a Constitution Day event in their campus’ University Center. The event was put on in short notice by members from the chapter who cleared their schedules and worked hard to make the event possible.

The chapter chose to do a tabling event with a large constitution for students to sign. They also gave out many pocket constitutions to students who stopped or passed by. The event brought many interested students to the table to sign the constitution and ask questions about the organization. The campus all in all was happy to celebrate Constitution Day with Young Americans for Liberty. The table was even visited by the campus police officer, Captain James Bell who was more than happy to take a picture with the chapter and his pocket constitution. He also informed the chapter that he is more than interested in being involved in some of the upcoming events.

A sign up sheet was also available for students to either attend meetings or request additional information. For a campus of NSU’s size, the event surprisingly brought over a full page of sign ups in only a few hours. This number of sign ups is very successful for the size of the growing chapter. Not only did students sign up to attend meetings, but many students who don’t agree with some of the ideals of the liberty movement or are too busy to be a regular member were interested in being involved in some of the chapter’s upcoming activism events.

With the active recruiting and enthusiasm of the members of the chapter who helped at this activism and recruiting event, the chapter members look forward to many more successful events and the involvement of new members throughout the remainder of the semester.

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