Recruiting Success at DePaul University Involvement Fair

Yesterday truly exceeded my best expectations. I arrived about 30 minutes early to set up the recruitment table in the Quad at DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus. The freshmen arrived in droves and although the event was at times overwhelming, I was able to draw a lot of attention to the table with my “hook” slogans.

I purposely applied various strategies I learned last weekend at Youth Leadership School in Rolla, Missouri and they clearly had a positive impact. I stood out in front of the table, neatly set up our table and I was familiar with all of the materials. It is really important to get out in front of the table and engage students as they walk by, otherwise they will pass you over nine times out of ten. Drawing people’s attention by floating popular ideas such as ending the war on drugs as they walk by is a great way to turn heads. When my only other active chapter member and former President Alex arrived he would actually put the pen in people’s hand which I thought was a good idea too.

In the end we got 70 sign-ups. I’m quite satisfied with this because I think now I can up my goal of adding 10 students to our chapter to maybe 20 (under-promise, over-perform (; ). As soon as I finish this post, I’m going to draft a follow-up email thanking everyone for their interest and inviting them to a lunchtime meeting on the 15th where we can plan our Constitution Day activities and hopefully order some pizza.

Big things coming.

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