Recruitment and Constitution Week at the University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota YAL chapter has had a month filled with recruitment, activism, painting, construction, some issues with our administration, and a whole lot of liberty!

The week before school started, the Explore-U Fair was held in Mariucci Arena on August 31. There, we handed out over 10 dozen cookies and collected 150+ sign-ups. Students were able to find out their political views, and freshman were able to find a political outlet that was not the typical College Republicans or Democrats on campus.

Explore U Selfie

Explore-U Table

On September 17, Constitution Day, we originally planned on a Free Speech Wall. We had to postpone the wall built the previous week due to a complicated and confusing space reservation code at UMN. Instead, we handed out Constitutions to passersby and received a surprising amount of interest from an apathetic campus. Goldy the Gopher even came out to support the Constitution!

Goldy the Gopher with YAL-UMN on Constitution Day

September 22 was Voterpalooza, the “Carnival of Democracy,” at UMN. YAL was there competing with the rest of the political student groups.

Joe Bauer talking about the Constitution with a passerby

On top of tabling and outreach, some YALers were able to ask Senator Al Franken (D-MN) about his viewpoints on marriage, Audit the Fed, and drug decriminalization.

YALers talking to Senator Al Franken on his positions

To end the week, YAL-UMN painted a bridge panel to advertise for the group on the Sept. 26. There are 500 panels on the Washington Avenue Bridge connecting the West and East bank at UMN, and we like to think ours stood out amongst the other 499. This was all spearheaded and detailed by our member Cody Vanasse.

"Paint the Bridge" Event

In the last month, YAL-UMN has collected 300 new sign-ups, attended or held 10 events on campus, and we’re now completely out of literature to hand out. Although the future of YAL-UMN seemed shaky this spring and summer, we’re more than confident this semester will be a hit in Minnesota!

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