Recruitment and Liber-TEA at Saint Petersburg College

The Saint Petersburg College YAL chapter conducted a spring recruitment drive during the first week of school. To prepare we ordered a liberty kit from FEE that came with a variety of books. Then we printed off a flyer with activism pictures and put the time and date of our meetings to hand out when we tabled. 
We completed 4 days in a row of tabling for recruitment. Our first day we used the Student Life and Leadership’s cotton candy machine to assist with our efforts, and the third day we gave out hot “liber-tea.” Our final day we participated in the club rush quad event. At the quad event, there was a live band and food available and we worked with our questionnaire and poster activity. 
Overall the recruitment was a great success and we were able to reach out to several interested students. We look forward to having more events and spreading the message of liberty at our campus. 
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