Recruitment at Boise State

In preparation for #RestoreThe4th the Boise State YAL chapter did some recruitment and clip boarding to raise awareness and bring attention to the issues in preparation for the #RestoreThe4th event. We went out early Wednesday morning and attracted students on campus to talk to us so we could express our beliefs and our opinions.

Throughout the event we managed to attract about 30-40 students to sign up for updates about our activism efforts and say that they were potentially interested in working with us, and all those individuals were contacted shortly after the event. The next week the plan was to host #RestoreThe4th, however due to extenuating circumstances the event had to be delayed for about a week or so, however, some of the members worked with another local activism group on their event they were holding that day protesting socialism and highlighting the dangers of it. In exchange for this help, the other group agreed to form a coalition and assist with the next #RestoreThe4th in order to make it as successful as possible.

Overall the message of liberty was spread at Boise State, and even though the plans fell through to host the event as initially proposed, the impact made was and will be far greater than as it was conceived. Student response to both recruitment and anti-socialism efforts were very positive, and most students, even if they were hostile at first, came to at least accept what we had to say and listen to us, and the Boise State chapter firmly believes that through that dialogue we can bring even more individuals into the folds of liberty and better promote freedom for all. The stage has been set for #RestoreThe4th, and the we already know the effect it will have.

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