Recruitment at Central New Mexico!

If you have been on the front-lines of recruitment for YAL, you have likely seen some good and bad things come to the table. But nothing is more exciting and motivating than engaging individuals who are hungry for a sense of purpose. This is because the message of liberty and responsibility rather than rights shows these individuals that life is rich with opportunity when we become aware of our responsibility to become the best version of ourselves. You can see this in the eyes of the people we engage, you see their perspective on the future light up, and you see the seed of the marvel philosophy of liberty planted in them. When you are involved with YAL, out recruiting, one of the big things to take away from the event should be your sense of purpose. Our purpose as leaders in YAL is to impact the lives of individuals by spreading the message of liberty. No one but us as individuals, can impact the lives of individuals because you may be the only individual in contact with a certain person so you have to be there to spread the message of Freedom and Liberty.

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