Recruitment at Chapman University

During the school Involvement Fair, our club recruited members for the upcoming Fall Semester. We were flanked by the Chapman College Republicans and a new socialist club on campus. It was an extremely hot day, but we had a lot of people come up to our chapter interested in the ideas of liberty and the libertarian philosophy. Our colorful and information filled table attracted many students interested in the debt, foreign policy, and sharing ideas.

We matched the Chapman Republicans in sign-ups for that day. This is impressive since their club has been on campus for years, and this was our first major tabling event for the time we have been on campus. It was a really great experience to discuss liberty with so many students, and to invite them to our meetings, and it was comforting to know that the ideas of liberty are popular on a college campus today. As for the new socialist club I mentioned, they were able to get about 5 sign-ups. LIBERTY IS POPULAR!

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