Recruitment at North Greenville University

North Greenville University is a private christian school in rural South Carolina. So when we set out to create a Young Americans for Liberty chapter, we assumed there would be a mixed reception. We were right. Our message of small government and the importance of the individual was well received. However, we were warned by several professors not to take Libertarian-ism “too far”. What we did not anticipate, was the reaction of the students.

We set up our recruitment table in the cafeteria around 11:30. By the time we closed down, we had 24 sign ups and a lot of other interested people.  There were 2-3 people at the table at a time the entire time our table was up. More importantly, my officers and I got to have meaningful discussions with our fellow classmates about individual rights. That was the draw of the table. When someone asked a question, my officers were ready with well thought-out and compelling answers. We had 9 people attend the meeting that night, and after the formalities we continued the discussion. People came to our group to have an open and intelligent discussion about liberty. If we can continue that trend throughout our campus, we will have done our job.

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