Recruitment at Seattle University

The newly revived Seattle University YAL Chapter held its first recruitment drive by tabling on Wednesday, April 6th. We were very lucky to have the assistance of Rebecca Campbell from the Leadership Institute. We set up next to the Campus’ main cafeteria from 4:30-6:30 pm for the dinner rush. We decided to set up the Generation of War “pin the drone on the warzone game” as well as the political spectrum and quiz. 
Being in Capitol Hill, the heart of left-leaning Seattle, we felt that we could get a lot of attention with our non-interventionalist game and a fun political quiz. Overall, tabling proved to be more successful than we had anticipated. Many students were interested in learning about our philosophy and stances on the issues. We sparked a lot of interest and good conversations.
Between the political quizzes and the sign-up sheet, we had 31 students give us their contact information. Next Wednesday, the 13th, we will be holding a meeting, and extending an invitation to all of our new prospective members. It will be a good opportunity for them to learn more about YAL, ask questions, and hopefully become involved in our group. We are looking forward to what the liberty movement has in store for Seattle University!
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