Recruitment at the University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas – Main Campus chapter kicked off it’s first recruitment drive by hosting two tabling events, on Wednesday the 30th and Thursday the 31st. We thought hosting two events on two different days would allow us to reach more students and so dedicated several hours over the two-day span to reaching out to students and catching the eye of plenty of interested individuals, from those who are more politically active and already leaned libertarian, to those interested in finding out more about politics and where their ideas about policy fell on the ideological spectrum. 
Our good friend Ron Swanson was there to help the liberty cause, which drew some looks, laughs, and even a few people who wanted to take a selfie with the man himself. Most of the chapter was there with the life-sized sign over the course of the two days, and we actively worked to catch people’s attention and get them to come talk to us so we could spread the message. Overall, it was a success, as we got two dozens sign ups.
The chapter will be hosting a meeting with the prospective recruits this Wednesday on April 6th in the Student Union to talk to them more about Young Americans for Liberty – who we are, what we do, and how we’re going to impact students on campus and in the state of Arkansas. We also look forward to talking about the activism events the chapter plans on running later in the semester – like hosting a screening of “Can we take a joke?” and more. 
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