Recruitment at the University of New Hampshire!!

This semester we started off a little late, but it did not affect our success. Since UNH doesn’t allow us to official table given we are an unrecognized club, we decided to do some intense clip-boarding in the dinning halls instead. We got a great deal of interest! I even had a 5-10 minute conversation with someone about how important it is to know your rights as an American citizen! And those that signed up to be emailed got a pocket Constitution and seemed even more excited! Unfortunately excitement on the outside doesn’t lead to even slight commitment with most people. The follow up meeting was a bit disappointing in terms of attendance but, that just means we have to fight hard, better, faster, and stronger to get the people that are to afraid to speak up to make their voices heard on this extremely one sided campus. Never give up and never give in Liberty warriors! It’s finally time for a YAL revolution at the University of New Hampshire!!

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