Recruitment at U of M Flint

Chapter President Nora Kent with a sign that says "#LetFreedomRing, #LibertyForLife"

On Wednesday December 2 the forming YAL group at U of M Flint held its first recruitment event.  Two State Chairs, Brandon Kaitschuck and Garret Roush teamed up with U of M Flint’s President, Nora Kent-Phillips and Vice-President, Brian Phillips to kick off the new chapter.

Brandon and our pretty spiffy display table

We set up shop on the third floor of the Activities Center. There were a few other groups who had set up tables on the third floor as well. A few people were curious and gave us questioning looks and a few people came over to a table we had set up with information on YAL. We had a few signs with phrases like “Do YOU know a Libertarian?” “Free the Economy!” “#LetFreedomRing, and #LibertyForLife!” There were a few faculty members that came over to us and asked us questions as to what we were doing. Brandon was able to school one of them in the first amendment right to free speech in a polite and friendly but firm manner.  

Garett and Nora

After about an hour we had only gotten about 4 people to sign up so we decided to “move shop.”  We decided to go outside where foot traffic was a bit heavier and had great results!  We held up our signs in pride, called out a few catch phrases and caused quite a few people to become interested. A few people called jokes to us back and forth but most people seemed genuinely interested and a few great dialogues on the topic of liberty and freedom were had. Even the campus police got involved with a few friendly remarks.

Brandon and Nora proudly holding their signs

All together we got about 15 people to sign up – not bad for the end of the semester! We are planning on having another recruitment drive at the beginning of the semester in January and can’t wait to see this chapter kickoff!  

Brainstorming in between talking to folks

Garett and his sign by the police car!

Brian Joining in the fun

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