Recruitment at UNH, Finally!!

Today at the University of New Hampshire we finally were able to start recruiting for our new chapter!

John Rogers and I started in the popular traffic area in the Memorial Union Building at about noon with a little bit of tabling getting people interested and wanting to learn more.  Unfortunately about 30 minutes into our tabling, we were forced out of the area by the staff in the building because we weren’t a school recognized organization.  Therefore, in their words, we “didn’t have the rights” that a school recognized organization has to use the tables in the building.  Though the bureaucracy annoyed us, we walked away from that and clip boarded in one of the very poplar dinning halls. We talked to maybe a total of 50 people if not more, though we only got about 20 people to sign up. At our follow up meeting we had about 5 people show up.  It may not be much but liberty starts at just a few, am I right?

So for now, we here at UNH look forward to a wonderful liberty filled winter break and having more meetings and more recruitment events next semester!! Keep fighting Liberty Warriors!!


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