Recruitment at Washington State University

I am excited to announce that we have greatly boosted our recruitment here at Washington State University in the past few weeks. I have been so thankful to watch our number of members grow dramatically in the past couple of weeks as well as the interest shown at our recruitment events!

The last two weeks we have hosted two table recruitments in our student union building and received over 50 emails of students interested in joining our fight for liberty. Not only that, but our members have started taking great interest in the education of current issues. Our meetings have been filled with lively discussion about immigration, government surveillance, and actions taken by the new administration.

Another cool thing to see is that members have been excited to invite their friends. More and more we have become the voice for productive dialogue on campus, bringing together both conservative and liberal ideals and discussing them in a way that drives the conversation forward.

Our chapter recently hosted a movie night to watch Snowden. Popcorn and drinks were provided and afterwards students showed a new fascination in the idea of surveillance and encryption. We then followed this up with a lecture, given by my vice president, on how to protect files through encryption. It was a great success and students have since shown interest in getting help securing their personal documents.

Our first few weeks back on campus have been amazing and I cannot wait to see what happens next!

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