Recruitment day at EWU’s Neighborfest

Early morning table set up!

We participated in Eastern Washington University’s Neighborfest, or “clubs and organizations fair!” Since we are just starting up we got a lot of questions and interests in the club. We got a good amount of traction at the fair even though we were amongst 90 other booths around campus.

Our campus tends to lean centrical and libertarian, with not one person landing in the statist or right wing, which was surprising to me. I did discover that almost every person who claimed they were republican were actually libertarian when they took the political quiz. I even got a comment that we were the “nicest political booth on campus and that they felt welcomed to come talk to us.” Which was great to hear! We are also the only libertarian leaning club on campus, which does give us an edge.

The bottle openers were the first things to go, and then the pocket constitutions. Everyone said they were going to be helpful for their law classes. I will have to request more! I am hoping to put together treat bags next time, as those seemed to be popular around the booths. It was really good to see so many college students actively engage in a political conversation and show interest. This campus has a great potential to spread the word of liberty, and I am very excited! All in all we got 53 sign ups, and many of them grabbed extra pamphlets to give to friends who might be interested. It was a great start to the year! Go Eagles!

End result of political quiz!

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