Recruitment Drive 2012: YAL at IU

The leaders of Young Americans for Liberty at IU began the semester the first day of school with Operation Politically Homeless. For five days in the first two weeks, including at the Student Activities Fair, we collected 134 OPH quizzes. Many students were eager to see if the results matched up with where they had placed themselves. Often, they were surprised and wanted to learn more about the group’s purpose!

On Day 3 of our OPH tabling, we set up outside one of the largest food courts.

We were lucky enough to have help from the Indiana Leadership Institute Field Representative Andrew Ransom during all four hours of the student activities fair. The fair allows student organizations only half of a table and took up less than half of the area where it took place (a free speech zone on campus), so the members of YAL at IU brought our own table and easel and gave away our space to a waitlisted student organization.

Student Organizations were crammed into less than half of the free speech zone for the student activities fair.

 At the activities fair and during tabling, we invited all students to join us at one of our two call-outs. In total, the attendance at our call-outs was 27 students. In the following week, at our first meeting of the semester we had 30 students in attendance with full participation on brainstorming and planning for Constitution Week. In addition, we’ve seen a 30 percent increase in the number of likes on our Facebook page between the first day of tabling until the first meeting of the semester. We’ve also added nine national members and welcomed three members to director positions!

New members brainstorm for Constitution Week at the first meeting of the semester.

 Tomorrow we begin our celebration of Constitution Week, so look forward to our next post!

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