Recruitment Drive

The YAL chapter at UWA had a drive where I would ask my classmates if they like politics. I already had one person before school that was a member of YAL. I was able to get four new people to sign up for the group at UWA; which when we have a meeting will become members of YAL.

One of the people noticed that I had big government sucks and socialism sucks on my book-bag, which led me to getting him into the group. I got a member in my political philosophy class which is also where I got my advisory who teaches political classes and law classes. Lastly, I got a long time friend of mine who me and him will talk about government and political issues for an hour or longer.

I can not wait to have more people join the group as time goes on. This was not a big turn out since I was not a group approved by UWA yet, but soon I will be and a recruitment drive event will begin.

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